February 1, 2017

MM Women: Ying- Poi

Part 3 of the My MM my Look

My MM my Look is a series dedicated to a collection of South African women who we believe are ambassadors of their unique style as well as our brand, Margot Molyneux. The series was born out of the interest we have in exploring how our customers bring their individuality and style to our clothing. Each women is given the chance to be photographed in her choice of MM pieces, in the style she feels will express her ‘mood’ and style around the brand.

Part Three

Following on from the lovely pair, Elise and Maxine, we are very excited to introduce you to our dear friend Ying- Poi De Lacy. Ying chose to wear the Mimosa dress and milk white Boatneck vest. The best thing about this series for us, is to see the difference in style, age and body shapes, the different perspectives which each person brings to these items of clothing.

A special thanks to Andrew Berry for taking these beautiful pictures of Ying.

If you would like to partake in this series, send us an e-mail