November 12, 2017

Style: A Collection of White Shirts

A summer time classic, a white top is fresh and cool in the summer heat, while easily paired with your favourite pair of shorts or trousers. We have made many different shirts in the past, but when we developed our Basic Collection, we realized that there were a few pieces which stuck out as the best sellers, the ones which we wear repeatedly and in many different ways.

The fabric we chose to make up shirts is always considered with importance. It needs to be lightweight and breathable, qualities which can only found in natural fibres. Although some of these shirts are made from rayon, a reconstituted fibre, they still hold the same qualities, being soft on the skin and cool to wear.

Here are the best picks of our easy-to-wear white shirts.



Jackie Shirt

100% Cotton | R415 




100% Cotton | R390



Boat Neck Vest

Viscose Rayon | R445



Bell Shirt

Rayon Linen | R535



Box Shirt 

Viscose Rayon | R465