March 13, 2017


With Cape Town being the beautiful seaside city that it is, swimwear is always an important Summer purchase for many of us. However at MM, we believe that often the simplest is best, which is why we have developed a range of swimwear. Available in a one piece and a two piece, we have done a lot of research and fitting to make sure it will work on all of our different body shapes.

This is the One Piece you’ve been looking for. Made to be practical while still elegant, this costume is fuller around the bum making it comfortable to wear while relaxing or swimming. The top is fitted with medium weight pads to help create shape around the bust area.

When wearing the One Piece, you have the option to tie the back in a straight style or a cross, depending on your preferred look. The cross style allows for more support, should you have a bigger bust or intend on doing some fast swimming.



Swim costume one piece Margot Molyneux

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We designed the Bikini style with real women in mind. The fuller bottoms are comfortable and practical to wear, while the top is also fitted with medium padding to give the bust area shape. The same option of back tie the back applies, making larger and smaller chest women each have the chance to best fit.

The Bikini pieces are available in mixed sizes because we know that no one is a standard size when it comes to tops and bottoms!

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Both pieces are made from a Matt charmeuse fabric which is highly UV protective (UPF 50+). We chose this fabric as skin care is extremely important to us, with these pieces you can rest assured that when applying sun cream at the beach or next to the pool, all the bits under your cozzie will be safe from burning. The fabric has also been developed to resist abrasions as well as having been coated to resist chlorine. We still advise rinsing them in cold water after wearing, just to help longevity.

Each of our swim suits come with a water resistant drawstring bag, making it simple to change after your swim and not worry about wetting the other items in your beach basket.

Happy swimming!