October 17, 2019

Studio Tour

In a recent article, we looked at 10 points put forward by global movement, Fashion Revolution, relating to sustainability and ethical practice in the fashion industry. This month, we’d like to take a moment to focus in on one – “Fashion provides dignified work, from conception to creation to catwalk” – by taking a look at the workspace we’ve invested time and effort into in order to create a working environment where our team feels a strong sense of belonging, inclusion and appreciation. We believe that ethical working conditions are as important to a sustainable industry as fabric choice, so we made it a priority to find the perfect space when we decided to move to bigger premises.

As it turned out, finding our new home was no easy task as it needed to tick several important boxes.

✓ It needed to be close to public transport systems so that employees could get to work quickly and easily.

✓ It needed to comfortably accommodate six people, with space to grow our team and business going forward.

✓ It needed to be close to shops to give staff members the opportunity to shop for lunch and groceries.

✓ It needed to be close to our Roeland Street store to ensure that we could keep it well-stocked for our customers.

We finally located the right space at 17 Buitenkant Street on the fifth floor of Norlen House and, after a month of renovations to turn the 145-square metre area into a light, friendly and organised workspace, we moved in in February.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work getting our systems up and running and ensuring that each department – sample pattern making, production cutting, sewing, pressing and cleaning, finishing (buttons/labels) and packaging – has a dedicated workstation. Doing so has encouraged an even greater sense of pride in the roles we fulfill and has given our team space to breathe and complete our work in an efficient and well-run manner.

We’ve also brought in a large table where we’re able to gather together for open discussions and, very importantly, take a break and play games over lunchtime.

We always welcome visitors to our studio, so if you’re ever in the area and you haven’t been to one of the recent studio sales we’ve held in our new home, please feel free to pop in and say hello.