October 26, 2017

Launch: The Spring Collection

We are so excited to release this capsule for Spring. Every winter seems to feel longer than the one before and although we have a very temperate climate in Cape Town, that doesn’t stop us moaning about the colder, darker winter months. We have labeled it ‘Spring’ with the intention of growing our seasonal collections to include Autumn and Spring. We feel that transitional items are important, it also allows us to add varying colors and textures as the seasons progress.

Our aim with this collection, was to create items which give the wearer a feeling of being relaxed and care free. The items are easy to wear and will transition into summer perfectly, when the very hot days arrive.

We also experimented with our first stripe! We did a lot of research and spent much time perfecting the stripe that we feel fits in with our MM aesthetic. Having begun in medieval times as a sign of position in society, criminal; clown; prisoners, stripes later became linked to the navy, largely thanks to Queen Victoria. With time, this was translated into a marine style fashion and stripes being used on swimsuits and casual style day wear ever since. We loved this association and wanted to bring that ‘holiday’ feel to this collection.