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To make your online shopping experience as effortless as possible, we’ve updated the sizing information on our online store and categorised our styles according to three different body shapes: hippy, busty and straight. While we appreciate that each of us has a unique shape, and that not everyone will be an exact match with one of these three categories, our hope is that by grouping our garments this way, you’ll find it easier to shop for those styles that perfectly complement your figure.


  • You carry your curves around your hips and bum.
  • Typically, your shoulders and waist will be narrower than your hips.
  • While your natural curves enhance certain styles beautifully, you may find that straighter styles don’t work as well.
  • You carry your curves up top.
  • Typically, you’ll take a larger sized top than bottom.
  • Shirts that are slightly cropped or have sweeping necklines enhance your bust area, while slim cut trousers or knee length skirts allow you to show off your legs.
  • Your body shape is fairly straight with little dramatic curve.
  • Your shoulders, waist and hips are usually similar in size.
  • You find most things easy to wear, although styles designed to enhance curves may not work as well on you.

Ready to find out which of our styles works best for your shape? Shop your shape.

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