June 7, 2017

‘Real Women’ Shoot

Having the opportunity to work with this group of incredible women was a huge highlight for our team.

After much thought and planning, we were finally able to embark on this project of photographing ‘Real Women’ for our look book AW Shoot. The aim being to portray the beauty that we know each women holds, to expose their uniqueness and celebrate their multiplicity. We hoped that as a result, our work would encourage others to gain confidence in themselves, starting a trend of self awareness and pride. However, no amount of planning could have prepared us for how this shoot has exceeded our expectations. Each one of the women who took part comes from a different background, has a different character and set of skills, different interests yet with each portrait that was taken, their diversities were brought across. We couldn’t have had a more wonderful group of women to work with.

These beautiful women are wearing the items available in our online store.

Photographer Katinka Bester

Hair and Make up Jade Leggat Smith

Carissa Cupido, Palesa Kgasane, Liz Ellenbogen, Gizelle Baumgart, Louise Park- Ross and Willamien du Preez.