Personal Tailoring

We believe in creating clothing with purpose, items which will make you feel confident, while still allowing you to conquer everyday life with ease. We enjoy and celebrate that all women are made differently and with these differences comes the need to make alterations for the perfect fit.

This is why we now offer Personal Tailoring on select items available online. We are starting this off simply, by offering alterations on lengths. We will improve this service by adding further adjustment options, in time, but for now the taller bodies amongst us and the shorter ones too, will have the opportunity to make sure their MM purchase is going to sit at the perfect length for their height.

How does it work?

If you would like to use the Personal Tailoring service, look through the category of garments available for alteration. Once you have chosen your piece, use the key guide below to select the change you’d like to make.

OL – I like the length of the dress as it is, please do not change the length for me.

L – This item needs to be lengthened for me.

S – I would like this dress to be shorter in length.

If you are unsure about how much extra length you’d like to add/ subtract, simply click on the product sizing guide to find the original length of the garment. Using a tape measure, note what length you would prefer the item to be, keeping in mind the original length.

Once decided, fill in this information in the ‘ORDER NOTES’ section of the checkout page.

What will this cost me?

If you are shortening a style, this service is complimentary, as we are able to tailor an existing garment to your length. However, if you are needing a style lengthened, we charge a R80 fee for the service of having your garment specially cut and made from up for you.

Will this effect my delivery time?

Yes, we are asking for you to give us a little extra time to get your parcel delivered, as we will need to make up your special order. Tailored items can take up to 2 weeks to be dispatched.

Which items are available for this service?

View the items available for alteration here.

Still unsure about how this works?

If you have any problems with filling in this information, or you are unclear about how to measure the length you’d prefer, please contact us for assistance.

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