January 17, 2018

Meet our Team: Grethe

I met Grethe back when we both dressed awkwardly and spent our days navigating the intricacies of high school. Fast forward to today and it’s been three years since Grethe joined our team and became a hugely indispensable part of it, heading up our studio and production.

In her official role as Production Manager, Grethe plans our production line, cuts garments, manages customer orders and keeps a very close eye on the quality of each item that leaves our studio. Outside of that, she oversees our fabulous sewing team (I look forward to introducing you to each of them during the year) and helps me with everything else that comes with running a studio.

Having such a loyal friend by my side, day in and out, is a real gift and more than I could have hoped for. Our team would not have achieved what we have without Grethe’s hard work, incredible organisational skills and loyal commitment to the brand. Thanks, Grets, you’re one amazing lady!

Here are a few things we thought you’d like to know about her:

Hiking or shopping?

Hiking. Exercising is very important to me.

Burgers & beers or cheese & wine?

Cheese & wine for every meal, if my body allowed it!

Dresses or trousers?

It’s very much 50/50, depends on my mood.

Cooking at home or eating out?

Cooking at home. I like the challenge of finding new recipes to try and also prefer to keep eating out as a treat to look forward to.

Sneakers or brogues?


Fact or fiction?

Fact. Don’t give me made up stories 🙂

Summer or winter?

Summer, hands down. I’m happiest in the sun on the beach.

Cats or dogs?

Dogs. If I had my way I’d have an English bulldog!


Grethe was photographed by Katinka Bester, she wears a Smock Dress in white.