March 9, 2020

Meet the lovely Q

Qudsiyyah (or Q as she’s affectionately known at the studio) joined MM in August 2018 as a cutter in our production department. You may have spotted this beautiful member of our team in action on Instagram recently (we’ve been running a weekly series on our stories to highlight what’s happening in our studio), so we thought it was time you got to know her a little better. Q is outgoing and enthusiastic and brings a wonderfully positive energy to our space. She’s full of ideas, quick to lend a hand, and always has a project up her sleeve – who knew there were so many resourceful ways to repurpose discarded pieces of fabric and trims?! We asked her a few quick questions during one of her busy work days. Here’s what the lovely lady behind the noisy machine (and the wearer of the crazy silver cutting glove) had to say…

Beach or park picnic? I love the beach.

Ice cream or chips? Chocolate trumps all!

Sneakers or heels? I love both, it depends on how I feel. I have got quite a large collection of heels in my cupboard though.

Books or movies? Movies, I love having a movie night at home.

Dresses or trousers? Both, I like being practical in pants, but I also love feeling girly in dresses.

Cats or dogs? Butterflies, I love cats and dogs, but butterflies are just too beautiful, seeing one is always a treat.

What gets you up in the mornings? I love being able to work in the field that I studied as well as being able to continuously learn and grow.