February 11, 2019

Fabric & Garment Care: Linen

Did you know that linen, which has been around for roughly 4000 years, has been used to make everything from body armour (way back in the middle ages) to book covers and baking? This summer, we’ve featured this strong, versatile flax fabric in our Bottega S/S range.

We’ve used variations of linen – fabrics woven to look like linen, while retaining their own unique properties – in our previous collections. Rayon linen which, interestingly, starts life as wood pulp, is a cool, comfortable fabric we’ve used for our Jumpsuit and Bell Shirt. Last season, we included a hemp linen, blended with organic cotton, for our Linen Shirt and Linen Maxi Dress. And we’ve also recently used cotton linen for our Pablo Tee

Caring for linen

Linen is dirt- and stain-resistant and doesn’t pill, making it an easy fabric to look after. It can be dry-cleaned, machine-washed or steamed. 


Although linen can withstand higher temperatures than cotton, we recommend washing by hand in cold water or choosing a cold-water cycle in the washing machine. As some of our linen garments have been dyed, we also advise using a natural bleach-free detergent as bleach damages the colour over time.


Linen is a relatively easy fabric to care for and doesn’t need as much ironing as you might think. Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Linen is easier to iron if it’s damp.
  • It shouldn’t be tumble dried too much.
  • A steam iron is the best way to remove creases.
  • You can avoid excessive iron it by hanging your garment on a clothes hanger after washing. 

Good to know: Avoid folding and ironing linen in the same place repeatedly as this can cause the fibres to break over time.