March 9, 2019

Go for Green

We love green! And we’ve just listed some of your favourite items in our seasonal olive green online. You can now not only shop the Linen Shift in this beautiful colour, but the Linen Wrap Skirt, Juniper Dress and Maxi Wrap Dresstoo. Here are a few fun facts you may or may not know about this verdant colour.

It wasn’t until the 16th century that the first long-lasting green dye was produced. Before then, green dyes were made from a variety of berries and plant juices and the colour washed out very quickly and faded in the sunlight. So, what changed? Fabric was first dyed blue using woad, a yellow-flowered plant from the cabbage family, and then yellow using yellowweed, to create green.

Green is the colour of…






It is most often associated with…






And interestingly…

  • Green comes in at number two on the list of favourite colours, with blue being the most popular choice.
  • Green is used for night vision goggles as it’s the colour our eyes are most sensitive to and can distinguish the most shades in.
  • Green is a symbol of fertility and was the colour of choice for wedding dresses in the 15th century.
  • Green was a sacred colour for the ancient Egyptians who used it on their temple floors.


Ready to add some green to your wardrobe?