September 5, 2017

Basic Garment Care

Looking after your treasured items is very important in order to avoid serious disappointment. We have put together a few helpful tips when it comes to the basics of looking after your clothing.


At MM, we pre- shrink each and every one of our fabrics before sewing them up into garments. We believe this is the best and only way that we can ensure that when you take them hope, you are not going to face any problems after your first wash. However, even with this precaution in place, we advise hand washing your delicate items in cold water with each wash. For the rest of the items, we advise only washing on a gentle, cold machine wash. Certain fabrics will shrink when they come into contact with warm water, so to save your clothing and electricity, we always recommend cold water washing. 


We all have accidents, food or make up somehow makes it’s way onto our clothing. We have two great ways to hopefully remedy this spill!

Green Sunlight Soap is amazing for getting out stains. Gently rub the soap into the affected area, until the stain begins to disappear. Wash out with cold water and leave to dry. We find this works most of the time, for dirt marks and general stains!

Baby Powder will do the trick if your stain is oil based. Sprinkle a good amount of the powder onto the mark and leave for a little while. The powder literally draws out the oil from the fabric. Dust off the powder to find your fabric clear of marks. 

Colour Preservation

We love colour and prioritise it with each of our collections by getting our own hues blended and dyed. Although we have all of our fabric professionally dyed, which includes a fastening process, we advise hanging your garments out of direct sunlight when drying. This will help to preserve the colour of your garment. 


If you are able to avoid ironing, for your own sanity and the quality of your clothes, we suggest steaming instead. Steaming is a much gentler process to release your clothing from creases. However if you do not own a steamer or the fabric is not responding to the gentle steaming process, use a domestic iron on steam function. This creates more heat from steam as opposed to heat directly from the bottom of the iron, where scorched shiny marks can appear from.