February 6, 2018

Trousers Feature: Find your fit

Are Culottes your thing? Do Wide Leg Trousers do it for you? Or are you more of a Slacks girl? We look at three key components that affect the fit of every pair of pants – the length, the shape of the leg and the waistband and where it sits on the body – to find out which of our four trouser styles are your perfect fit.



Length is important to the overall look of any garment. Where your Culottes end on your calves and whether your Slacks have the right ‘slightly cropped’ look and show off your ankle bones can be just as significant as whether a dress sits above or below your knee.

  • Our mid-length Culottes are a great alternative to shorts for those of us not wishing (for              whatever reason) to show as much leg. They give the feeling of summer – with a little more cover – and in winter, they are just as easily worn with brogues and tights.


 Culottes in Navy                                                             Cotton Culottes in white


  • Our Cotton Culottes, recently introduced with our Musing Collection, are full-length and have been slightly cropped to show off the ankle and provide balance to the very broad cut of the leg.


  • Our Wide Leg Trousers arrived with our Mara AW 17 Collection and haven’t left our rails since. As with our Cotton Culottes, they have been designed to sit on the ankle.


  • Our Slacks, which form part of our Basic Collection, are a firm favourite with our customers. They are also designed to sit on the ankle and follow the peg leg style – the taper ends with the smallness of the ankles, balancing the volume at the top of the trousers.



The cut of a pair of pants is key for certain body shapes. For example, some flare can provide extra shape to tall skinny women, while a straighter cut can help curvier women show their figure off.

  • Our Culottes are cut with a very wide leg and because of their crop, we believe they suit almost everyone. Plus, if you want to balance your hip/bum area (or even if you don’t), their volume is so dramatic that it instantly becomes the main focus.


  • Our Cotton Culottes are cut slightly straighter than our Culottes, but are still very broad with the volume extending from below the hip area. The wide, full-length hemlines are perfect for balancing out a wider bum area.


Wide Leg Trousers
  • Our Wide Leg Trousers feature a much straighter cut than our two styles of culottes. With a slightly flared line towards the hem, these trousers suit several shapes, resulting in either a straight trouser look, or on smaller bodies, a more flared, dramatic look.


  • The tapered leg of our Slacks is a flattering style for most shapes. Extra volume at the top, helps (when necessary) to disguise that part of the body, while the tapered shape to your ankle is a comfortable and attractive one.



Cotton Culotte detail

We really believe in clothing that makes you look and feel good. And an important part of feeling good, is being comfortable. By using elastic in our waistbands, we’ve not only been able to ensure comfort, but ease of fit, too. We believe that the most flattering position for trousers to sit is between the belly button and hips, where we are able to show off the length of our legs as well as our torso. And while all our trousers are designed to sit at this point on the body, purchasing larger or smaller sizes will allow you to wear them higher or lower, depending on your preference.

  • Our Culottes have an elasticated back waistband, which ensures excellent movement and a perfect fit, while keeping the front of the garment smart and sophisticated. And while this style comes with belt loops, any belt you choose to wear with it will simply be for accessorising, rather than for fit purposes.


  • For our Cotton Culottes, we’ve used the same trick and placed elastic in the back waistband only. This style is sold with a long broad belt, which can be swapped out for a leather belt to create a different look.


  • Our Wide Leg Trousers are made from cotton twill, which is a little heavier than the other fabric used in our trouser collection. As a result, there is no elastic in the waistband, making the fit a little more specific to certain body shapes, and the overall aesthetic slightly smarter.


Slacks in black


  • Our Slacks are designed for ultimate comfort and style. They are made to pull on and off, with a fully elasticated waistband (there’s no zip opening) that ensures a little extra room to move – just what you’ll need after a healthy sized lunch!


Need advice?

If you’d like help finding your perfect fit, please feel free to pop into our store at 69 Roeland Street, Cape Town and chat to the lovely Mikhailia, or send us a message at We’re also very happy to shorten or lengthen any of these styles to ensure that they fit your height and shape exactly.