October 3, 2018

Fabric & Garment Care: Hemp

Caring for your hemp garments

We first introduced hemp fabric into our range in our Florence AW Collection and we’ve had some fantastic feedback from our customers about the way it wears. If you’ve bought one of our hemp and organic cotton linen garments recently – our linen maxi dress (Bottega Collection), linen shirt (Florence Collection), linen shorts or Josephine shirt – here are a few hemp facts you might find interesting as well as care instructions.

What makes hemp so special?

Hemp fabric is breathable and wonderfully soft, but also incredibly strong and long-lasting, making it a perfect fit for clothing manufacture. It has a linen-like texture and is easily blended with cotton and silk (ours is blended with organic cotton) to create different weights and fabric styles.

Hemp is also brilliant for the environment. Unlike cotton which is treated with pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, and is then bleached to ensure that the colour is consistent, hemp is grown free of any chemicals, which also makes it a lot healthier to wear against your skin.

What’s more, according to, “If a single crop can provide a solution to the environmental destruction for resources, it’s certainly hemp. Hemp is a renewable natural resource that can be used to manufacturer thousands of different products, and when the plant is harvested almost every part of it can be put to use.”


We suggest taking a gentle approach and hand washing all our hemp pieces in cold water. Your choice of washing powder/liquid is also very important. We recommend using a natural washing gel as many detergents you find in store contain harsh ingredients, including small amounts of bleach – this will eventually discolour your clothing. Shampoo works, too!


Line or flat dry our items and make sure to spread the fabric to avoid wrinkles as it dries. Don’t wring wet or damp hemp as this breaks down the yarn fibres, creating unnecessary wrinkles.


Use a warm steam iron to press your garment on the wrong side. The steam dampens the cloth slightly, which helps get rid of creases more easily.


Linen Shorts

Linen Maxi Dress