December 16, 2017

Colour Development: Yellow

Following on from our Rich Green color development, we moved onto our favourite spring/ summer color, YELLOW!

As with our greens, this Spring we have focused on our incredible surroundings. We found yellow in so many unexpected places as well as in the most beautiful spring blooms. Best known to represent happiness and positivity, yellow is the the perfect color to ease us into the warmth of summer!

Spring blooms found on Table Mountain

We have developed three different shades, for variation and color layering, of our Spring yellow. Paired with different weighted fabric, we have a spectrum of soft yellow to a richer warmer hue. As always, the weight and composition of each fabric also determines how the dye will take which we took into consideration when choosing the cloth. 

We chose to use these yellows in a combination of items from tops to different style dresses. You can see the different hues created from different dye recipes as well as from the different fabric types. 


We dyed 100% Cotton Twill in Soft Yellow to create this Cotton Wrap Dress.

This Sleeveless Shift is made from 100% Cotton Twill in Soft Yellow.