September 22, 2017

Colour Development: Rich Green

The beginning of our seasonal planning always begins with colour! We love to experiment and development the perfect shades to compliment our silhouettes.

This Spring, we have taken inspiration from our ever incredible surroundings. Green has been one of our favorite base colors for the past few collections, flattering on almost every skin tone, we think these rich shades, whether light or dark, are just beautiful to wear.

The colour green has many different meanings and symbolisms in different cultures, however across these different beliefs and meanings, it is one of the most pleasing colors to the human eye. It is also said to evoke calm, which we could all do with! We love that colour has more meaning in our everyday lives that we may realize.

The texture of moss found on a city building, layers of colour. 

Test swatches from left to right 100% Cotton Twill, 100% Woven Rayon and 100% Rayon Linen

We have settled on this Rich Green color, however tested it on various types of fabric. The weight and composition of each fabric determines how the dye will take. Sometimes it will be a lighter less intense version of the original dye recipe. This is why we do testing to see the reaction of our chosen fabrics. 

These are the items from our Spring collection that we used this beautiful green color. You can see the different hues created from the dye taking to different fabric types. 

We dyed Rayon in this Rich Green colour to create this Frill Dress (left) and lightweight Cotton Twill to create this Cotton Wrap Dress (right).

We used the 100% Woven Rayon in the Rich Green colour for this Maxi Wrap.

100% Rayon Linen was dyed Rich Green for this Oversized Shirt style.