November 10, 2017

A Study in Bonsai

November brings an extremely exciting workshop into our store. Our sixth #StudySessions is A Study in Bonsai, hosted by Jan- Jurie Loots. These miniature trees take many years of care and attention, resulting in beautiful, unique sculptures. Join us as you plant your own indigenous tree and begin this process for yourself.

“Introduced to Bonsai in 1996 by a good friend, Jan-Jurie Loots is now a professional Bonsai grower with 16 years of experience. Having worked under the late Bonsai Master Mr Rudi Adam as a  beginners course lecturer and workshop instructor at the Olive Grove Bonsai Centre for many years, Jan-Jurie now works as a workshop lecturer and full time Bonsai artist, with his aim being to help make this beautiful and historical art form more accessible to others.”

What to expect

A Study in Bonsai is an introduction into this ancient art form designed for those interested in beginning their journey of planting, styling, growing and pruning their very own Bonsai. No previous experience is needed, the session will provide a practical and informative start to your journey.


Saturday, 18 November 2017


69 Roeland Street, Cape Town


14:30 – 17:30



This includes a comprehensive set of notes on Bonsai and tips for caring for your tree, as all we all equipment needed to pot and prepare your own tree. This includes the indigenous tree, a bonsai pot, bonsai scissors, specialised soil and all mesh and wire needed.