April 3, 2017

A Night with Hope on Hopkins

Join us for an evening of sipping on delicious Hope on Hopkins creations, as we welcome you to our second Study Session event. Served by the distillers themselves, we will hear the background of each cocktail as well as some insight into the process behind the making of the spirit.
Hope on Hopkins Distillery is a small artisanal distillery in the heart of Cape Town that prides itself on truly crafting its own spirits. Unlike many gin distillers, HoH makes some of their gins from scratch, and is one of the few distilleries in the world using barley as the base for their spirits. A variety of locally sourced botanicals are then used to infuse these spirits, resulting in Hope on Hopkins’  unique range.
What can you look forward to with A Night with Hope on Hopkins?
 The evening will include three drinks, designed and served by the lovely owners and makers of Hope on Hopkins. We will gain insight into the pairings of each drink and have a chance to learn about the process behind the different spirits which are distilled at their Salt River premises.
 Space is limited to 25 tickets and booking is essential, so please purchase your ticket to secure your spot.
Thursday 20 April
69 Roeland Street | Cape Town
*The drinks served may contain Gin, Vodka and Tequila.
**No tickets will be sold at the event, only people with pre bought tickets will be allowed to attend.