Garment Care

We have put together a page of necessary and helpful tips when it comes to looking after your new items of clothing.


We pre- shrink each and every one of our fabrics to make sure that they do not shrink once you put them into the wash. We recommend that you hand wash each item in cold water. If you are not able to hand wash, a gentle cold setting on the machine will be fine too. Certain fabrics will often shrink further when it comes into contact with warm water, so if you are unsure, always stick to a cold wash.


If you have accidentally got a make up stain or something alike, on your item of clothing, we suggest using a Sunlight Soap bar to get it out. Rub the soap into the fabric and wash out with cold water. Works most of the time! If the stain you have acquired is oil based, we suggest sprinkling baby powder over the damaged area. It is a brilliant way to draw the oil out of the fabric.

Colour Preservation

We have many of our own colours dyed, and while this fabric is treated to hold and maintain the colour, we suggest hanging your garments inside or out of the direct sunshine when drying. This will help to preserve the colour of your item.


If you are able to avoid ironing, for your own sanity and the quality of your clothes, we suggest steaming when needed. Some items crease worse than others, so when needed, steaming is a much gentler way to treat your clothing. However if you do not own a steamer, a steam iron will work, just make sure to use as much of the steam function as opposed to only the hot iron surface.


If you have any further questions or tips, please let us know so that we can update this page and share our information.